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What are the symptoms of malnutrition?

What are the symptoms of malnutrition?

As people's living standards continue to improve, both adults and children eat very well in the diet, but also very particular about it. For children, it is beneficial to the nutrition supply to benefit the baby's development. Now that people's living standards are so high, how can some babies suffer from malnutrition?

With this problem, a simple analysis, malnutrition often occurs in infants and young children, causing the cause of this situation, often and improper feeding, the baby is invaded by chronic diseases for a long time, the baby usually lacks trace elements, and the development of gastrointestinal function is not perfect. Etc. will affect the absorption of the stomach, which may easily induce malnutrition in the baby.

What are the symptoms of the baby when it is malnourished?

When the baby is malnourished, it will directly affect the baby's mood. Many babies will have symptoms of depression, listlessness, slow reaction, temper tantrum, loneliness, and clumsy movements.

What kind of care and treatment do you need when your baby is malnourished?

Baby should pay attention to balanced diet, reasonable diet structure, eat more foods containing vitamins and cellulose, which is conducive to the baby's nutritional supply. The baby should also pay attention to more exercise, which is conducive to promoting gastrointestinal motility, thereby enhancing the baby's appetite. If your baby's stomach is always bad, it is best to seek medical advice in a timely manner. After identifying the cause, symptomatic conditioning, if caused by indigestion, in the case of attention to diet, it is possible to take some oral conditioning drugs. Such as probiotics. If the baby affects the baby's appetite due to chronic diseases, it is necessary to promptly treat the chronic disease for symptomatic treatment, which is beneficial to improve the baby's appetite.

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