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Baby has a bad appetite, how to adjust?

Baby has a bad appetite, how to adjust?

The baby's bad appetite is happening from time to time. It is also a headache for Ms. Bao. What are the main reasons?

There are many reasons for your baby's bad appetite, but the most common causes and poor development of gastrointestinal function, improper feeding, lack of vitamins, bad eating habits, or some diseases (oral diseases, digestive diseases, respiratory diseases, etc.) ) In addition, when the baby's chewing ability is poor, it is easy to cause the baby to have a bad stomach.

When the baby has a bad appetite, how do you need to adjust it?

Baby must always develop good eating habits, should eat less and eat more meals, avoid overeating, usually increase the baby's activities, is conducive to promoting appetite. The baby only has a comprehensive balanced nutrition diet, which is beneficial to the baby's gastrointestinal absorption, which is conducive to the nutritional supplement and the healthy development of the baby. When the baby has a persistent appetite, accompanied by symptoms such as bloating, vomiting, etc., it is best to treat the patient first and then check the symptoms and check the symptoms, because the baby will affect the baby for a long time. The absorption of the gastrointestinal tract is to pay attention to the prevention of complications.

If the baby is caused by the lack of trace elements, the baby eats more foods containing more vitamins, usually pay attention to avoid partial eclipse anorexia, eat less snacks, and timely add vitamin D. Mommy usually makes some diversified diets for her baby, which is good for promoting the appetite of the baby and avoiding the monotony of eating, so as not to affect the appetite of the baby. If the baby is caused by intestinal diseases, then the symptoms associated with the baby should be combined to determine the cause and symptomatic treatment. The baby's condition is only timely conditioning, which is conducive to the improvement of symptoms and is conducive to healthy development.

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