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Baby thermometer, how to choose correctly?

Baby thermometer, how to choose correctly?

Baby thermometer

The baby is born because the organ is not yet fully developed and is easy to catch a cold, so it is necessary to take the baby's body temperature regularly. And the baby will not let you take your temperature. In order to get accurate temperature readings and baby safety, mothers need to find a suitable thermometer. Here are some classifications of thermometers:

Glass mercury thermometer

How to use: Oral, armpit and anus

Regardless of the measurement site, the mercury mercury column of the thermometer should be smashed below 35 °C before use.

Oral: After disinfecting the surface of the thermometer, place the thermometer under the tongue and press it slightly. The time is 3-5 minutes, remember not to talk in the middle. Be careful not to bite the thermometer too hard. If it is broken, there is a danger of poisoning. It is not recommended for babies to use this method.

Armpit: The mercury end of the thermometer is clamped at the top of the armpit. Make sure the thermometer is in close contact with the skin and remove the thermometer after about 5 minutes.

Anal: Requires the baby to sit on the back and raise the leg, then lubricate the anal mercury ball end with a lubricant (Vaseline or paraffin oil). Open the anus with your hand, rotate the anus and slowly insert it (about 1.25cm). Hold the anus and hold it against your buttocks to prevent it from slipping or inserting too deeply. Measure for 2-5 minutes.

2. Infrared ear thermometer

How to use: Ear

Avoid the sensitivity of the ear thermometer due to the external environment of excessive cold or overheating. Therefore, the ear thermometer must be placed in a general environment (about 16 ° C ~ 35 ° C) for at least 30 minutes before use. When measuring, aim the probe at the eardrum and keep it in close contact with the ear canal. Infants and young children can pull the ear down and then put the ear thermometer into the ear. When measuring over three years old (including adults), pull the ears up and pull them back. Place the probe in the ear canal and press the temperature button for one second. After the sound is heard, the temperature measurement is over.

In order to improve the accuracy of the measurement data, it can be measured continuously 3 times in succession, and the highest value of the measurement result is accurate. Note that since the temperature of the left and right ears of the same person is usually slightly different, it is better to measure the same ear every time to facilitate comparison.

3. Temperature gun (handheld infrared induction thermometer)

How to use: Amount

First, perform room temperature calibration, and place the infrared thermometer in the room for 15-20 minutes. Make sure the forehead is dry, wipe off the sweat on the forehead, make sure there is no cover for cosmetics or hats, and aim the infrared thermometer at the middle of the forehead. The measuring distance is 3-5cm. Press the measuring switch and the infrared thermometer will display the temperature immediately. If the forehead sweats or other causes cause the forehead to not respond properly to body temperature, measurements can be taken from behind the earlobe.

4. Forehead temperature sticker

How to use: Amount

Wipe the forehead first, and put the forehead body temperature on both ends, flat on the forehead. Sticking to the child's forehead for about 1 minute will show changes in body temperature through color changes. However, this thermometer can not display the exact temperature, can only provide a rough range, and is a one-off, not recommended.

5. Electronic thermometer

How to use: Oral, armpit and anus

Disinfect the head of the thermometer with alcohol, press the switch, and the buzzer will immediately beep for about 2 seconds.

Oral: Place the thermometer under the tongue for 1 minute. When the “C” mark stops flashing and there is a beeping tone, the displayed reading is the body temperature, which is the oral temperature. Repeat the test several times, the oral body temperature should be the same.

Axillary fossa: Untie the baby clothes to expose the armpits, place the mercury side of the thermometer in the center of the armpit, and tighten the body temperature on the same side of the arm. Fix it for 1 minute. The measured temperature is generally measured by the mouth table. Slightly lower.

Anal: Apply a little cooking oil (cooled after boiling), lubricate, slowly insert the baby's anus about 1.5-2.5cm, continue to measure temperature for 3 minutes, the measured body temperature is about 37.5C, and the newborn's anal temperature is insufficient in winter. The body temperature can be around 36C.

6. Pacifier thermometer

How to use: Oral

Disinfect the nipple with hot water, press the button and wait until the LCD screen is displayed, then put it into the baby's mouth and let the baby suck the pacifier for about 3-5 minutes. There will be a beep when the measurement is completed. If the temperature exceeds 37.8 °C, there will be a beep.

7. Wearable thermometer

How to use: Underarm

Wearable thermometers mostly rely on temperature sensors to sense the temperature of your child's armpits. When wearing them, please try to be close to your child's armpits. The devil's felt can be adjusted to the size of the child's hand. Then turn on the thermometer and you can measure your body temperature at any time. In addition, you can monitor your child's temperature changes through the mobile app.

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