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Baby constipation how to do?

Baby constipation how to do?

In October, when we give birth, the birth of a new life brings us joy and joy. In the process of growing up the baby, such problems also make parents sometimes very confused and embarrassed, for example, very Common baby constipation problems, how to improve and improve? Today, I will introduce you to the knowledge about the improvement of constipation in children.

How does child constipation live and adjust?

The problems of constipation faced by babies of different ages are also different. For example, some babies will lose constipation when they are breast milk. Some babies may have constipation problems in the initial stage of adding complementary foods, while others may have slightly larger children. Constipation occurs for such reasons, but in general, to solve the child's constipation problem, it is necessary to pay more attention to the following aspects -

1. Don't be too delicate in diet. The phrase "do not eat too much and not be too thin" should be changed to "eat more fruits and vegetables and eat more coarse grains" for balanced nutrition and constipation. The reason why children have constipation problems is too much. Fine has a great relationship. Some children eat high-protein, high-fat or high-sugar foods with low dietary fiber. Sometimes even staple foods and porridge are not eaten. Although nutrition is sufficient, for the digestive system. The lack of dietary fiber in the intestinal system, the digestion of these foods will be slower, and the health of the intestinal flora is not easy to maintain, and the problem of constipation is more likely to occur.

If you want to improve your child's constipation, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and increase the proportion of miscellaneous grains and grains in the staple food, it is a good eating habit. Some parents like to give their children freshly squeezed juice, but if the child's teeth can, you can already eat the fruit directly, let the children eat it yourself! Juice extraction will lose most of the dietary fiber in the fruit. For improving and preventing constipation in children, it is better to eat fresh fruits directly.

2. Pay more attention to the supplement of water. The lack of water in the body can lead to various health problems. Constipation is one of them. It is necessary to give the child a small amount of water to drink, and to drink plenty of water. Don't worry about drinking water, don't worry about the child's bedwetting and deliberately give the child less water. (You can pay attention to drink less before going to bed at night. ), supplementing enough water, is a very important way of life conditioning for keeping the intestines healthy and avoiding dry stools.

3. Pay attention to strengthening activities. Generally speaking, children's nature is more active. For children with constipation, it may be necessary to increase their activity, keep activities, promote digestion, and promote intestinal peristalsis, which can improve constipation. Promote bowel movements.

4. Develop good bowel habits. For children, because their attention is easy to disperse, parents can remind children to develop a good habit of regular bowel movement according to the child's bowel habits. Usually, after morning, 2 hours after meal. It is the most active stage of the colon, and this period of time is the best. In addition, children should also develop the habit of paying attention when defecation, do not tell stories when defecation, or look at electronic products, so that children with constipation problems are less likely to defecate.

How to treat constipation in children?

If your child has constipation problems, you should first conduct adequate life conditioning first. The points we mentioned above are all worth noting. If you adjust through life, you still can’t improve effectively, or the constipation problem is serious, which has seriously affected children. Quality of life, in this case, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible. Introduce the common drugs for constipation in children -

1. Relevant laxatives, constipation problems in children, or preferred osmotic laxatives and volumetric laxatives, such as lactulose, polyethylene glycol 4000, wheat bran, psyllium, etc., can be taken according to the doctor's advice according to the situation. It is relatively safe in medication, but sometimes there may be problems with less effective effect and slower onset of action. For severe constipation, you can choose a stimulant laxative suitable for children according to the situation. It should be noted that stimulating laxatives Not suitable for long-term use.

2. Kaisailu, Kailuolu is a kind of lubricant drug administered through the intestine. Through its high permeability and lubrication, it can often achieve the effect of promptly promoting defecation, with quick effect and good effect, but here Parents and friends should be reminded not to use Kaisailu as a regular medication for children, which will form a dependence and have an adverse effect on intestinal health.

3. Probiotics, for constipation problems in adults, usually supplemented with probiotics, often not significant, and for children with functional constipation, by supplementing probiotics, can improve the intestinal transit time, regulate intestinal flora Increase the frequency of intestinal movements to achieve the effect of improving constipation in children. It is recommended to use Bifidobacterium triple live bacteria, Bifidobacterium bifidum triple live bacteria tablets, etc. For specific selection, please follow the doctor's advice.

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