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Glass mercury thermometer

How to use: Oral, armpit and anus

Regardless of the measurement site, the mercury mercury column of the thermometer should be smashed below 35 °C before use.

Oral: After disinfecting the surface of the thermometer, place the thermometer under the tongue and press it slightly. The time is 3-5 minutes, remember not to talk in the middle. Be careful not to bite the thermometer too hard. If it is broken, there is a danger of poisoning. It is not recommended for babies to use this method.

Armpit: The mercury end of the thermometer is clamped at the top of the armpit. Make sure the thermometer is in close contact with the skin and remove the thermometer after about 5 minutes.

Anal: Requires the baby to sit on the back and raise the leg, then lubricate the anal mercury ball end with a lubricant (Vaseline or paraffin oil). Open the anus with your hand, rotate the anus and slowly insert it (about 1.25cm). Hold the anus and hold it against your buttocks to prevent it from slipping or inserting too deeply. Measure for 2-5 minutes.

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