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Karicare Vitadol C Multiple Vitamins VC Drops 10ml

  • BrandsKaricare 可瑞康
  • Product Code: Karicare-Vitadol-C
  • Reward Points: 1
  • Availability: In Stock

  • $98

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Karicare Vitadol C Multiple Vitamins VC Drops 10ml

New Zealand original karicare vitamin C drops for the baby to add vitamins A, C, D, can promote the absorption of iron, calcium, phosphorus, strengthen the growth of bones and teeth, improve the immune cell's disease resistance, prevent colds. Help children grow up normally. If your baby has a cold, it has poor resistance and anorexia. This is really a very good choice.

Inside the box is a glass bottle, a separate dropper. The liquid volume in the glass bottle is about three-fifths of the inner volume of the bottle. Since the dropper needs to be inserted into the glass bottle during use, the VC liquid in the glass bottle cannot be filled. You must leave enough space for the dropper, otherwise you will cause the VC liquid in the bottle when you insert the dropper into the glass bottle. overflow.

For better preservation, the drop is stored in a brown glass bottle, and the dropper is also a glass dropper, which is more hygienic and scientific!

Every 30 drops of karicare multi-vitamin drops contain ingredients (orange flavor, very delicious)

Vitamin A 2000mcg

Vitamin D 35mcg

Vitamin C 100mg

[How to take]:

Reference usage:

A. Within 1 year old, 3 drops per day, 1 year old or older, 6 drops per day. Use after breakfast.

B. If the baby is sick, 2 times a day, 10 drops at a time.

C. If the baby does not supplement other vitamins, 10 drops a day.

(Orange flavor) Preventive health care 10 drops daily. It can be dripped into water, milk powder and rice (the water temperature should not exceed 25 degrees). Has good health care and enhances your baby's appetite and immunity! About 10 drops a day!

In case of a baby's cold, you only need to take 10 drops once a day for 2 times. If you have a cold, you can improve your baby!

Every month, the baby always has a few days of loss of appetite. Adding this to the baby in time will quickly promote the baby's appetite!

Very good things are most without any hormones and chemical ingredients! Absolutely pure and safe! It has a magical anti-cold and appetite and immunity!

【storage method】:

After opening the bottle, please store it in a cool place below 25 degrees. After opening the bottle, please finish it in 2 months.

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