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Aptamil Pronutra - Advance 3 follow-on milk from the 10th month in the EazyPack, 800g

  • $218

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Product information "Aptamil Pronutra - Advance 3 follow-on milk from the 10th month in the EazyPack, 800g"

Aptamil Pronutra Advance LCPs Omega 3&6 Gos Fos lactose onlyAptamil Pronutra - Advance 3, follow-on milk from the 6th month, Eazy Pack - Our next generation follow-on milk to support the immune system

Aptamil Pronutra-ADVANCE is the only food on the market that combines the nutrient combination (Vitamins A, C & D - Omega-3 fatty acids/ALA - special dietary fibres GOS/FOS) with our innovative and unique process. Natural lactic acid bacteria are used, which "pre-digest" part of the milk in a positive way during the production process. We believe that every experience strengthens the resistance of our children. Lay a foundation for your baby's future and resistance by letting him discover the world.

Which nutrients are important?

The composition of high-quality infant foods has been developed over decades of research into breast milk. The scientists work closely together with international research laboratories, universities and clinics. Our own research focuses on special nutrients: LCP and indigestible dietary fibres (GOS/FOS). LCP are long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Your baby will not be able to produce them in sufficient quantities during the first few months of life and must therefore take them in with its food. Indigestible dietary fibres (GOS/FOS) are a special group of oligosaccharides - in simple terms carbohydrates that are not digested and enter the large intestine unchanged. There they serve the "good" intestinal bacteria - especially bifidus bacteria and lactobacilli - as food and thus promote the development of a bifidus-dominant intestinal flora. Milupa, to which Aptamil also belongs, was by the way the first manufacturer to succeed in developing the long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids LCP for infant foods. Today, LCP is an indispensable ingredient in high-quality dairy foods.

Aptamil 40 Years Research Laboratory40 years of research make it possible

Thanks to our pioneering research over 40 years, our team of more than 400 scientists has now succeeded in developing the next generation of Aptamil Pronutra ADVANCE follow-on milk. 400 experts from Danone Nutricia, the parent company of Milupa, are working for us to better understand the special nutritional needs of infants and young children. Her focus is on researching breast milk in order to optimally reproduce its effects. In order to better understand the importance of early childhood nutrition for the development of new life, breast milk research recently moved to a new and more innovative research centre in Utrecht. Aptamil Pronutra-ADVANCE Pre can be given from birth as a single food or as a supplement and - like breast milk - can be fed as often and as much as your baby needs. Suitable until the end of the bottle age.

Advantage through networking

Our scientists work closely with international research laboratories, universities and clinics. This networking guarantees that the latest scientific questions and findings can be taken into account quickly and efficiently in our research approaches. To ensure that our research programs are medically relevant, we are also advised by an international panel of experts. It consists of recognised experts from the fields of paediatrics, allergology (diagnosis, treatment and prevention of allergies) and immunology (research into the body's defence against infections).

Developing the products

Only when these clinical studies also prove a positive effect does the work of product development begin. Their task is to translate the new findings into a balanced, optimally composed product. Last but not least, it ensures that the products contain all important nutrients and are easy to prepare. In order to optimally design the manufacturing process, the first "prototypes" of the new product are then produced in pilot plants. Every year, dozens of new recipes are created for the various markets around the world. Today, millions of children benefit from the findings of breast milk research and its products - especially premature babies, unfed babies and babies with food allergies.

Aptamil Pronutra-ADVANCE combines our special nutrient combination with an innovative and unique process:

Natural lactic acid bacteria are used, which "pre-digest" part of the milk in a positive way during the production process.

Aptamil Profutura LCPS Omega 3&6 Lankettige polyunsaturated fatty acids GOS/FOS Ballastoffmischung, Vitamine A,C,D

to a healthy immune system

Supports normal brain and nerve cell development of your

baby. Our

patented fibre blend


Do you already use Aptamil Pronutra?

Of course, you can switch to our advanced recipe without hesitation.

TIP 1 If you are starting to feed our next generation Aptamil, you can also do the conversion bottle by bottle. You simply replace one bottle meal more every day with the further developed recipe.

TIP 2 Our advanced Aptamil recipe is easy to prepare as usual. Our experts recommend shaking the bottle vertically for at least 10 seconds when preparing Aptamil Pronutra-ADVANCE - this will make the powder even easier to dissolve.

Simply switch to the next generation Aptamil

Thanks to our pioneering research over 40 years, our team of more than 400 scientists has succeeded in developing the next generation of Aptamil. The patented formulas of Aptamil Pronutra-ADVANCE, Aptamil Profutura and Aptamil HA with SYNEO (our unique combination of GOS/FOS and Bifidus Breve) combine the proven benefits of Aptamil with unique innovations. Of course, you can switch from the previous Aptamil recipes to the more advanced recipes without hesitation.

The next generation Aptamil is starch-free in all stages, also in the follow-on milk, because - like breast milk - it contains only lactose as the only carbohydrate. The individual stages of Aptamil are also optimally adapted to the nutritional requirements of the respective age of the child.
Initial foods can be given as required, as the child wishes. In the complementary food age (after the 4th month) the energy requirement increases, but the child receives more energy and saturation through the complementary food.

Aptamil new generation Profutura Pronutra Safebox

age group:from the 10th month
baby food:powdered formula
product group:Baby Formula
Filling quantity (weight):800g
Made in:EU (Germany)
country of origin:EU / non-EU Agriculture

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